MPG’s unique surface functionalization technology uses cold atmospheric plasma to directly graft organic chemistry onto any substrate in a single-step, with less or no solvent. This scalable process can be adapted to many materials and forms. Ariane was one of the first aerospace customers to use MPG technology.

To go further, MPG has announced an official collaboration with Socomore, one of the global leaders in surface preparation in the aerospace sector. With more than 50 years of experience and more than 1000 product approvals by 150 major players in aerospace and defense, Socomore continues to add new products and technologies.

The collaboration between Socomore and MPG will join innovative process technology with reliable chemistry and certification know-how. Solutions being developed include functionalization of composites materials, surface finishing or replacement of solvent based primers.

Examples of roll-to-roll applications for composite structures include surface priming of fibers and fabrics (glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.) for improved adhesion to resins, or surface priming for structural adhesion between difficult-to-bond composite tapes (glass, polyolefins , etc.).

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