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Surface functionalization with continuous roll-to-roll (R2R) processes is a major path for the scale-up of surface treatments of flexible substrates. By the nature of this subject actors in this field deal with scale-up of technologies, prototype production, and related areas such as equipment manufacturing, business development etc. The surface functionalization is performed on polymer films, membranes, textiles, non-wovens and fibers as well as on glass and metals.

R2R-Net is an effort intended to connect companies and institutions working in the field of R2R surface functionalization. This includes but it is not limited to scientists, engineers, and researchers at companies, universities and research institutes, with equipment producers, technology providers, and companies applying R2R technologies.


  • fosters exchange of information between the network partners
  • enhances the awareness about technological options
  • promotes interaction and collaboration
  • supports the partners by enhancing the marketing capacity
  • provides an additional channel for spreading information
  • collecting insights into markets, technologies and science
  • identifies white areas on the technological “landscape”
  • supports partners accessing the knowledge about products and technology
  • supports the transfer to the market
  • spreads knowledge about R2R technologies and their advantages 
  • provides a solid channel of communication with the society and with regulatory authorities.

Equipment & Services

Here you can find an overview on the machines offered by the partners of the net as well as a list of products based on different materials. For development of new products a comprehensive list of pilot lines which are available in the R2R-Net is given, finally services, mainly analytical ones are offered, too.

Save the date September 21st 2022 Workshop “Roll-to-Roll Technologies – Get ready for future challenges”

In an effort to increase the awareness about the opportunities offered by R2R technologies and the partners of R2R NET we plan a workshop. We will present latest developments and discuss technological approaches to address future challenges.

It will be held as a hybrid event at the Fraunhofer Conference Center Potsdam, Germany and online


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technical coordinator  
Prof. Christian Oehr (Fraunhofer IGB)

board members
Filip Legein (Europlasma)

Thomas Kolbusch (Coatema GmbH)
Sebastian Dormann (Fraunhofer IPT)
Dr. Andreas Holländer (Fraunhofer IAP)

technical implementation
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