Network of stakeholders in the field of surface
functionalization with continuous roll-to-roll (R2R) processes

About The R2R NET

by the nature of the subject activities are related to

scale-up of technologies
prototype production
equipment manufacturing
business development

similar technologies for surface  functionalization of

polymer films

various fields of application

connect companies and institutions working in the field of R2R surface functionalization

companies applying

R2R technologies

equipment producers

technology providers

research institutes


support and promote technology
support partners providing their services and expertise

join forces to common challenges (environmental legislation, reduce usage water and energy)

exchange of information

promote interaction

increase awareness about technological options

support marketing of the partners

support collaboration

promote products and technology transfer to the market

promote joint projects

join forces towards legislators

scale up from lab to production

facilities on all levels, broad range of technologies
pilot production with low entrance level

combine technologies

for the most efficient process
extend options through the network

learn from other fields

similar technologies in very different application fields

Equipment & Services

overview on offers by the network partners

                            • machines and equipment
                            • supplemental materials
                            • pilot lines
                            • services



InTEnt-H https://r2r-net.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/R2R-Social-Media-IGB-2.mp4 The formation of ice on surfaces is a...

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technical coordinator  
Prof. Christian Oehr (R2R NET)

board members
Filip Legein (Europlasma)

Thomas Kolbusch (Coatema GmbH)
Sebastian Dormann (Fraunhofer IPT)
Dr. Andreas Holländer (Fraunhofer IAP)

technical implementation
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