NanoWatt offers a complete line of low-pressure plasma machines and associated processes, with a high degree of flexibility towards the customer’s specific requirements.

  • 3D-component level as well as roll-to-roll machines (for rolls up to diameter of 1 meter and width of 2 meter)
  • Offering plasma surface activation, cleaning and etching, plasma polymer coatings and Diamond-like Carbon & Nanocomposites coatings, or a combination thereof.
  • Coating functionality range : hydro- and oleophobic, hydrophilic, (di-electric) barrier, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, low friction, non-sticking

In addition, nanoWatt offers customer-specific services with regard to existing vacuum plasma machines (such as modernization or refurbishment, repair, maintenance, spare parts,…), independent of the manufacturer of the device.

NanoWatt focuses on the high-end industrial market by offering highly performant, robust industrial equipment that can be deployed 24/7 and also offers extensive integration into the ERP/MES system of its customers (Industry 4.0). NanoWatt operates worldwide.